翔樹(しょう / Sho・き / Ki)





Origin of my name

So this “翔樹” is how my name is written in Japanese kanji. First letter Sho, second Ki. The first kanji 翔(Sho) has this meaning of flying. Not like birds flying but has more of a literary meaning to it like dragons flying in the sky freely, or in life context, it could mean going vigorously into the future. My mothers favorite piece of kanji in her childhood she says. She has always wanted to use this kanji if she was to have a child she says.

And the second kanji 樹(Ki) was never going to use in the first place my mother says, but here comes my dad. Dad said I don’t want him(me) to just flying around all the time, I sometime want him to stay calm and stay in place, like a big tree! Then this kanji 樹(Ki) comes into my name. Which has a meaning of a tree. But not any kind of tree, a big tree. Like a sequoia tree.

Or maybe my name was already set beforehand. Because I may have flown and BECAME a tree*.