Life Aug 1989 Born in Minami-Azabu, Minato, Tokyo. Aiiku Hospital.
Life Aug 1989
 Begins life at Kaminoge, Setagaya
Life 1991 Moved to Eda, Yokohama
Life 1993 Moved to Adachi
School Apr 1994 First day of Kindergarten
Life Dec 1995 Brother Hiroki was born.
Life Jun 2000 Beloved Grandpa passes away.
Life Oct 2001 Moves to Los Angeles, CA (Torrance)
Life Nov 2001 Breaks his left arm.
Project Feb 2002 Launches first website shoki.net on self hosted server.
School Jun 2003 Graduates Jefferson Middle School
Project Aug 2004 Built my first computer.
School Jun 2007 Graduates West High School
Life Feb 2008 Beloved Father passes away
Life Apr 2008 Moved back to the land of rising sun. Abiko, Chiba.
Work Apr 2008 Gets my first job of life at GMO Research.
Work Jun 2008 Quit GMO due to reverse cultural shock and pneumonia.
Work Sep 2008 Started to work at Okinawa dining bar as a part time but fails miserably in 3months lol
Work May 2009 Started to work at Dynamix as web designer and front-end developer
Project May 2010 Launched VastStillness with Mother Yukiko
Work Jan 2011 Begins freelance work as a side job.
Work Jan 2013 Goes full time freelance.
Work Jul 2014 Founded Vastill Inc.